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Training Providers

The IECB adds a brand to your business that’s perceived around the world as an authoritative and independent assurance of quality.

By becoming an Approved Training Provider (APT), you gain the ability to offer our CPD Certified Training courses which lead to Professional qualifications specific to the field of Governance, Risk & Compliance. We offer some unique courses, not to be found anywhere else. For example, no organisation in EMEA offers a Privacy related Auditor’s course such as ISO 27701 Internal Auditor. All of our Courses carry the relevant CPD accreditation, permitting your professional client’s the ability to meet the ongoing education requirements of their existing Certifications.

All of our Courses are developed in line with our Certification Body status (ISO 17024). Approval from the IECB is a sure sign of your ability to deliver the appropriate syllabus using competent tutors and comprehensive materials in an effective learning environment. Our Courses are Accredited by the National Accreditation Service, who are based in Estonia.

As an Accredited organization, we are proud to uphold a minimum set of standards for all of our ATP’s and, as such, Training providers must be approved by us to deliver our Training courses

IECB Training Provider Programme Overview

Accreditation Process

The IECB is committed to enhancing the competence and performance of those working in the filed of GRC and, as such, we offer a large number of inter-related courses designed to provide all of the knowledge required by GRC Professionals. We do however also recognise that there are Certifications which are equivalent to our own and, as such, we offer an Equivalency evaluation to allow certain organisations to be onboarded, and recognised, quicker. Quality determines and is prevalent throughout our application process, and we recognise and promote those training providers who can demonstrate the ability to deliver our Certifications appropriately and effectively.

The Partnerships Applications team will provide you with all the guidance and support you need, making very clear what is required at each step of the process.

Benefits of becoming an Approved Training Provider

When you become an APT, you join our network of partners and your business instantly benefits from the firm’s globally recognised and respected brand.

The benefits

  • End to end range of Certifications enabling you to offer a complete GRC portfolio
  • Access an International market that already recognises the need for quality training services
  • Industry relevance through alignment to recognised frameworks
  • Increase in revenue from a growing customer base
  • The IECB’s endorsement for your business giving you evidence and credibility as a quality training provider

Apply For Approval

If you're interested in becoming an Approved Training Provider, please complete the short form and we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements and what's involved.

Note: To best service your request we need to make contact with you. By completing the form you agree for us to contact you about your enquiry, using the contact details you’ve provided.

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    To be a part of the IECB Approved Training Partner Program, your organization will be responsible for the following:

    • The purchase of a minimum of 10 training kits within (3) months contract signing.
    • Offering and running a minimum of (3) courses annually for each course being offered.
    • Using only IECB certified trainers for the courses being offered.
    • Agreeing to non-exclusive terms for the ability to offer IECB training courses.

    Our account management team will then contact you and provide you with all guidance and support you need to complete you application.

    If you have any queries relating to your application, please contact us on

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