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ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager

Course description

The ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager training program is designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to assist an organization in establishing, preserving value through risk management, decision-making, and improving performance in line with the ISO 31000 guidelines. It covers the essential components and effective implementation of a risk management framework, the application of the risk management process, and the actions needed for the seamless integration of these components to achieve organizational goals. The training also offers guidance on choosing and applying techniques for assessing risks across various circumstances.

Upon finishing the training program, participants can take the certification exam to earn the “Certified ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager” credential. Holding this credential signifies that the participant has both theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as professional abilities to support and direct risk management processes following ISO 31000 guidelines and best practices within the field.

Target audience

  • Directors, managers, and officers handling risk-related tasks
  • Individuals in charge of generating and safeguarding value in organizations
  • High-level executives seeking advice on how to incorporate risk management at a strategic level
  • People responsible for executing risk management processes
  • Individuals with an interest in risk management

Learning outcomes

By the end of this training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Exhibit comprehension of risk management principles, as outlined in ISO 31000
  • Set up, maintain, and consistently enhance a risk management framework in line with ISO 31000 guidelines
  • Implement the risk management process in accordance with ISO 31000 guidelines
  • Plan processes for risk recording and reporting, along with risk communication activities
  • Oversee, evaluate, and refine the risk management framework and process based on the results of risk management activities

Our approach

  • The training course is based on theory and best practices used in risk management.
  • Modules are illustrated with practical examples and real world scenarios.
  • Delegates can gain through discussion with other course participants.
  • Quizzes are similar to the certification exam questions.


  • A basic understanding of the ISO 31000 risk management framework, processes, and principles.

Course overview

  • Module 1 Principles and concepts of risk management 
  • Module 2 Defining the risk management framework requirements 
  • Module 3 Initiating the risk management process and assessing risks 
  • Module 4 Risk treatment options
  • Module 5 Risk recording and reporting 
  • Module 6 Risk monitoring and review 
  • Module 7 Risk communication and consultation

Course Agenda

  • Day 1:  Foundations of ISO 31000 and risk management
  • Day 2: Defining and implementing the risk management framework and initiating the risk management process
  • Day 3: Risk assessment, evaluation, and risk treatment planning
  • Day 4: Recording and reporting, monitoring and review, and communication and consultation according to ISO 31000, as well as the Certification Exam


  • All candidates at official training courses are tested throughout their course with quizzes and exercises, in combination with a final exam held on the last day of the course.  Both elements are a part of the overall score. For this course, the final exam constitutes a 12 question essay type which should be completed within 180 minutes. A passing score is achieved at 70%. Self-study candidates can purchase an exam voucher from our Store.
  • Exam results are returned within 24 hours, with successful candidates receiving both a digital badge and a Certificate of Achievement
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