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ISO 38500 Lead IT Corporate Governance Manager

Course description

The ISO/IEC 38500 Lead IT Corporate Governance Manager training equips you with the expertise necessary to support and guide an organization towards successful evaluation, direction, and monitoring of an IT Governance model based on ISO/IEC 38500. In the course of this training, you will also gain a thorough understanding of IT Governance's best practices and fundamental principles, enabling you to apply them effectively within an organization to ensure sound governance of IT.

Once you have mastered the essential concepts and core principles of IT Governance, you have the option to sit for the exam and earn the "Certified ISO/IEC 38500 Lead IT Corporate Governance Manager" credential. Possessing this certification attests to your professional abilities and competencies in effectively governing an organization's IT utilization.

Target audience

  • Managers, consultants, and compliance officers seeking to deepen their understanding of the ISO 38500 requirements
  • Individuals in managerial and consultancy roles who are looking for an all-encompassing framework for implementing best practice
  • Compliance officers tasked with exercising due diligence in managing compliance risks related to the use of emerging technologies
  • Individuals looking to help uphold organizational integrity through promoting best practice
  • Managers and members of teams involved in IT governance, risk management, and compliance
  • Individuals aiming to launch careers as consultants specializing in IT management

Learning outcomes

After attending this course, participants will understand;                           

  • A number of frameworks for IT Governance
  • Foundations of IT governance                                                                                               
  • The relationship between IT Governance and IT Management
  • Identification and engagement of stakeholders
  • How to demand sponsorship and define roles and responsibilities for IT Governance

Our approach

  • Theories and leading practices utilized in IT Governance
  • Modules enriched with practical illustrations drawn from a case study, including role-play scenarios and discussions
  • Interactions between participants through question and answer sessions
  • End of module questions are similar to the final exam


  • A detailed understanding of ISO/IEC 38500 and knowledge of IT Governance frameworks such as COBIT and ITIL.

Course Overview

  • Module 1 Principles of IT Corporate Governance 
  • Module 2 Evaluation of the Current State of an organization’s IT Governance 
  • Module 3 Direct the organization’s IT Governance model towards Future State implementation
  • Module 4 Monitor the organization’s IT Governance performance 
  • Module 5 Evaluate the need and applicability of the core principles of improvement 
  • Module 6 Improve activities related to IT Governance

Course Agenda

  • Day 1: Introduction to ISO/IEC 38500
  • Day 2: IT Governance Principles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Risk Management
  • Day 3: Evaluate and Direct IT Governance
  • Day 4: Monitor, Review and Continual Improvement of IT Governance and the Certification Exam


  • All candidates at official training courses are tested throughout their course with quizzes and exercises, in combination with a final exam held on the last day of the course.  Both elements are a part of the overall score. For this course, the final exam constitutes a 12 question essay type which should be completed within 180 minutes. A passing score is achieved at 70%. Self-study candidates can purchase an exam voucher from our Store.
  • Exam results are returned within 24 hours, with successful candidates receiving both a digital badge and a Certificate of Achievement
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